World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 21st -- 24th 2022

World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 27th -- 30th 2023


Prof. Gerald Wirth

President and Artistic Director of Vienna Boys' Choir 

Dear Friends,


We connect the world with music and look into a future of peace. We welcome you who enjoy singing and peace to beautiful Austria to participate in Vienna - World Peace Choral Festival.


I am extremely honoured and glad to be the artistic director of this session of World Peace Choral Festival, because nothing can move one's heart more than music and nothing more is worth expecting than world peace. This choral festival of exchange and peace promotion has an inimitable meaning to me and everyone.


The choral festival is held in the music capital Vienna where hospitable people, wonderful scenery and ubiquitous music are awaiting you. The choral festival is open to all the chorus ensembles across the world, especially youth chorus ensembles that are the hopes of future. In this festival, competing is not the ultimate purpose, while communication and exchange are most important successes. You will harvest friendship, happiness and peace here.


Singing is an amazing experience and music is our common language. I hope you feel happy and fulfilled during the choral festival which may even surpass your expectations. When you leave, your memory is filled up with unique recollections of this music trip.


Let us come together to sing your songs and show your smiling faces. Let us pray for our friendship and world peace along with our singings.

                                                                                                                                       Gerald Wirth