World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 21st -- 24th 2022

World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 27th -- 30th 2023


Dr. Franz Löschnak 

President of the Organization for Promoting Austrian and Chinese Relations



Young people can get a personal idea of the world most successfully when they get the opportunity to spend some time with colleagues from other countries. The World Peace Choral Festival offers young singers a great possibility to take part in large-scale stage performances and workshops to learn from experienced musicians, and to spend a few days having a good time with friends from all over the world. One commonality that unites these young people is their passion for singing. No other place on the musical map of the world is so connected with music as Vienna, Austria. There will be many memorable moments for the children and youths as they sing their songs in such a great atmosphere and celebrate their first successes. The diversity of cultures can thus be discovered by the young generation through music. I wish the young singers an unforgettable festival, many opportunities to get to know other ways of life and to make new friends all over the world.


Franz Löschnak