World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 21st -- 24th 2022

World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 27th -- 30th 2023

Barbara Prammer

Former President of the Austrian National Council


Globalisation is a main characteristic of our time. It means that all aspects of life are getting closer thanks to new ways of communication which allows us to overcome distance. The term globalisation itself does not judge whether this kind of development is good or bad, but because of the fast speed of the globalisation and the complex economical structure, people often feel insecure about it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the politicians to lead the development with sound judgment in an world-oriented atmosphere of trust and in the interests of the country and the people.


This requires tolerance and therefore depends on knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures. The World Choral Festival stands for all the above. I am delighted that Austria is home to this very special festival and I hope that the young generation will make use of this exceptional chance to form close ties with friends from all around the world by the means of music. Young people who are brought up in a spirit of openness and tolerance are the most promising architects of a peaceful and humane world.

That leads me to welcome the World Peace Choral Festival as an festival for the development of a peaceful future. I am convinced that the festival will promote the love for music and will contribute to a better understanding among different cultures.

I wish the festival lots of success!

Barbara Prammer