World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 21st -- 24th 2022

World Peace Choral Festival Vienna, July 27th -- 30th 2023


Dkfm. Anneliese Zeh
President of the Austrian Choral Association

Dear young singers:

As president of the Austrian Choral Association (CHORVERBAND Ö–STERREICH) and on behalf of the Austrian choral community, I am delighted to welcome choirs from abroad to our country. It is very important that young singers get the chance to meet each other on an international platform. For example, the World Peace Choral Festival in Vienna is going to give them in summer 2011.

Singing in a choir is a wonderful opportunity to make music and improve musical skills, and its social aspect is very important. Concert tours give a choir and its singers a very special chance to get to know each other, to meet new people and learn about culture and way of living in different countries. Getting to know interesting new choral knowledge will be a big bonus for the choral singers.

Thus, it is a great idea to bring young choirs from China, from European countries and also from Austria together in Vienna and arrange concerts for them.

Hopefully, all of you are going to have a great time in Vienna and get intense and uplifting experiences in Austria. So maybe you will come back again for another visit in the future.

My special and heartfelt thanks go to the organizing team, for their hours of work, their good ideas and their great enthusiasm.

Dkfm. Anneliese Zeh