July 18th – 21st 2024 The World Peace Choral Festival 2024

July 17th – 20th 2025 The World Peace Choral Festival 2025

July 16th – 19th 2026 The World Peace Choral Festival 2026

Events and Activities (July 18th – 21st 2024)


18th July Opening Ceremony at St. Stephen’s Cathedral

In the afternoon the Opening Ceremony is planned to take place at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is the most important religious building and the symbol of city Vienna.

Note: all choirs are welcome to attend the opening ceremony as audience.


19th-20th July Workshops

Conductors from the Vienna Boys Choir and other world well-known choral conductors will coach the choirs with different themes and techniques.

Note: all choirs can apply for getting the workshops. Each workshop lasts app. 2 hours.


19th-20th July Voices for Peace Concerts

In the evening there will be Voices for Peace Concerts in and around city of Vienna.

Note: all choirs can apply for performance at one of such concerts. Each choir has chance to sing individually on the stage. The whole concert will be shared with other choirs.


18th-19th July Performance at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna (tbc)

United Nations Headquarters in Vienna has been supporting the festival since its inauguration in 2010. All choirs will have again the chance to perform at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna (tbc).

Note: all choirs can apply for performance at UN Vienna. Each choir has chance to sing individually on this honored site in front of the international guests and UN staff. Number for participating choirs is limited.


19th-20th July Donation Sales to the UNICEF

All choirs are welcome to join the initiative and sell their souvenirs brought from its home country. In this way the choirs may promote their national tradition, their music and help children in need. The sales income will be donated to UNICEF. UNICEF Austria welcomes the goodwill acts of the festival and will issue a certificate to each donating choir.

Note: all choirs are welcome to join in this event. Application in advance is necessary. Choirs are welcome to send its own representatives to handle the sales activities. But in case its representatives can not attend whole time, there will be festival staff members to take care about the sales.


19th-20th July Music connects Generations Concerts

In the afternoon the Music connects Generations Concerts are planned to take place at some social institutions / retirement homes in Vienna. People of different generation will enjoy the music and celebrate together.

Note: choirs can apply for performance at one of the concerts. Each choir has chance to sing individually. The whole concert will be shared with other choirs. Number for participating choirs is limited.


20th July Competition

Choirs participating in the category “Competition” will make their debuts in front of the international jury, consisting of world well-known choral conductors and experts. After its competitive performance, each choir will get an analysis for its performance and achievement, coached by conductors from the Vienna Boys Choir and other famous Austrian choral conductors. For more details please read the chapter “Celebration and Competition”.


21st July Concert of the Vienna Boys Choir
                     The organizing committee of the World Peace Choral Festival will invite the world-famous Vienna Boys Choir to give a special concert to the participants of the festival.
                     The concert will take place in the Golden Hall of Musikverein. Choirs participating at the festival have the chance to get the valuable complimentary tickets and to attend the concert                         as audience.
Note: The number of the complimentary tickets is limited. The rule 'first come first served' will apply. Please contact the festival’s organizer as early as possible for getting the complimentary tickets for your choir members.

21st July Gala concert at the famous Golden Hall of Musikverein

The rehearsals and gala concert will take place at the famous Golden Hall of the Musikverein in the afternoon and evening, where the famous New Year’s Concert of the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is broadcasted each year to the world (https://www.musikverein.at).

Each choir has the chance to perform on this grandiose stage standing alone and impress the Austrian and international guests.

The gala concert will be one of the highlights of the festival and give the choir members an unforgettable memory.

Note: all choirs are welcome to perform at the Gala Concert. Each choir has chance to sing individually on the stage. The whole concert will be shared with other choirs.


21st July Attendance as audience at the Gala Concert in the Golden Hall

Learn from each other at the festival!

The gala concert provides valuable chances for the festival participants to learn from each other! The festival reserves complimentary concert tickets for participants to attend the gala concert as audience and to learn from other choirs! Please ask the festival organizer to reserve these tickets for your choral members!

Note: all choirs can apply for getting the complimentary concert tickets. The total number of these complimentary tickets is limited! The rule of first come, first take applies!



Music Dinner and Celebration:

Music connects countries! On request of choirs, dinner and party will be organized for choirs to refresh, to sing, to dance and to celebrate with other choirs together. A great chance to make new friends with other choirs!

Note: Request in advance is necessary, costs on choir’s side.