July 20th – 23rd 2023 The World Peace Choral Festival 2023

July 18th – 21st 2024 The World Peace Choral Festival 2024

July 17th – 20th 2025 The World Peace Choral Festival 2025

Rules & Regulations

General description:

As one of the most important choral events in the world, the World Peace Choral Festival aims to provide a platform for the young generation as well as enthusiastic adult choirs from different countries to perform, to communicate and to create better intercultural understanding. Both classical and folk music should be promoted accordingly.  

The World Peace Choral Festival offers rich activities, enjoys high reputation and is the only one choral event offering the unique and unforgettable experience in the world capital of music - Vienna in summer.

Coming together to sing, singing for a better future!


The Festival Organizer welcomes all choirs to join in the activities of the festival. Entry will not be granted to private accompanying persons (e.g. parents) other than the conductor, teacher, official delegates or chaperons. In special cases, entry may be considered for private accompanying persons if a notice is sent to the Festival Organizer in advance stating a valid reason (to be determined by the Festival Organizer).

Requirements / Repertoire:

1.The Festival Artistic Committee provides common 3 songs to be sung together with other choirs. Each choir should prepare these common songs accordingly.
2.There are two Categories for the participation of the choirs at the festival: “Celebration Category” (non-competitive category), and “Competition Category”.
3.For the choirs participating at the “Celebration Category”, there are no restrictions on which songs to be showcased. Classical as well as traditional folk songs, especially ones reflecting the characteristics of the country, are welcome.
4.For the choirs participating in the “Competition Category”, special rules and guidance will apply. Please read the chapter “Celebration and Competition”.
5.Information about the songs (title, length, music scores, short introduction about the content, name of composer, text writer, copyrights owner, etc.) must be sent to the Festival Organizer 3 months in advance at least.
6.Choirs may perform a-cappella or with accompaniment. In case of accompaniment, choir must provide their own accompanist. The festival organizer will provide piano or keyboard free of charge (availability subject to demand during rehearsals). A relating notice must be given to the Festival Organizer 3 months in advance.
7.Choirs may be accompanied by traditional instruments of their country of origin. Other instruments except piano or keyboard should be arranged by the choir itself.
8.Playback is not allowed.
9.National costumes are greatly recommended.

Broadcasting & Recording rights: 

The conditions of participation which each choir must agree to are as follows:

1.  All audio, video and photography rights to any performance at the festival belong to the Festival Organizer, free of any charge from side of the choir.
Any performance given during the festival by the choir can be recorded, without payment to the choir and its musicians. The Festival Organizer shall be entitled to the possession of any such recording and shall furthermore be entitled to reproduce any such recording and to sell, let for hire, offer for sale or hire, distribute or otherwise dispose of any recording or reproduction of recording of any such performance in any way that it sees fit.
3. All audio, video and photography materials provided by the choir can be used, free of charge, for any promotional purpose relating to the festival. 


Participating choir can bring CDs, DVDs and souvenirs to be given away or sold. In some case where special regulations and restrictions apply (such as Golden Hall in Vienna), permissions must be purchased in written in advance.

Deadline for application:

30th April 2023

Application procedure:

In order to be considered for participation in the festival, choirs are required to submit an application including the following:

1.  The application form, completed in its entirety;
2.  A short biography of the choir, including the choir's history and other items of interest. (For example: a list of recordings made, awards received, etc.); 
3.  A color photo of the choir; 
4.  A recent recording of the choir on CD or DVD or MP3 etc. if available; 
5.  A Curriculum Vitae or brief resume of the choir's conductor; 
6.  A color photo of the choir's conductor;

Application can be completed online or sent by post to the Festival Organizer.

After receiving all required documents, the Festival Committee will evaluate and send the decision to the choir accordingly. If the evaluation is positive, an official invitation letter will be sent out to the choir and the participation of the choir at the festival is banding to the choir.

* Please note that the application materials will not be returned.  

Registration fee:

For the registration, each choir has to pay a registration fee of Eur 450 to the festival organizer's account. The registration fee will be refunded to the choir according to the following rules in case of force Majeure occur:

1. In case of cancellation from the side of the festival, 100% of the paid application fee will be refunded to the choir.

2. In case of cancellation from the side of the choir:

- 100% of the paid application fee will be refunded to the choir when the cancellation happens 6 months before the opening date of the festival.

- 50% of the paid application fee will be refunded to the choir when the cancellation happens 3 months before the opening date of the festival.

- 0% of the paid application fee will be refunded to the choir when the cancellation happens within 3 months before the opening date of the festival.

3. All banking charges shall be paid by the choir.

Participation fee:

The festival is self-financed without government financial aid. This means that the whole costs of the festival have to be shared by all participating choirs, according to its participating activities.

To ensure the smooth run of the festival and to ensure that the choir will be always on time at the events of the Festival, the participating choir has to take the travelling package (hotel and accommodation, transfers, tailor made participation activities etc.) provided by our appointed travelling agencies and co-operating partners for its whole stay during the festival period in Vienna. The choir has to pay the related costs (hotel and accommodation, transfers, participation fee, etc). Please get in touch with our appointed travelling agencies on our website under "contact" and ask for their service offer.

Travelling and Costs:

Each choir has to arrange this own travelling (visa, flights, transfers, hotels, accommodation etc.) and take over its own travelling costs. The Festival Organizer takes NO responsibility for the travelling of the choirs.
To ensure the smooth run of the festival and to ensure the choir will be always on time at the events of the Festival, it is suggested that participating choir takes the travelling package offered by our co-operating travelling agencies and co-operating partners. The co-operating travelling agencies are listed on our website under “contact”.

1.  All application materials will not be returned. 
2.  The Festival Organizer reserves the right to refuse any entry. 
3.  The Festival Organizer reserves the right to alter the timetable and activities according to the number of choirs participating in the festival.
4.  All decisions made by the Festival Organizer shall be deemed final.
5.  No copyright dramatic or musical work shall be performed or sung without the license of the copyright owner, and all such licenses shall be obtained by the choir itself. The choir shall indemnify the Festival Organizer against any infringement of copyright that may occur.
6.  It is the responsibility of the choirs (not the Festival Organizer) to ensure they have necessary visas, etc. to enter Austria.
7.  The Festival Organizer will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

8.  Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the rules and regulations.



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