July 18th – 21st 2024 The World Peace Choral Festival 2024

July 17th – 20th 2025 The World Peace Choral Festival 2025

July 16th – 19th 2026 The World Peace Choral Festival 2026

Since taking part in the "Great Chance for Choirs", the choir has discovered its passion for choir travel. In the last four years, they have been able to complete more than a dozen trips to Vienna, Upper Austria, Salzburg, the Czech Republic and Germany. In 2018, the choir was given the honorary task of representing Vorarlberg at the Austrian Children's Choir Festival in Salzburg. In the summer of 2019, the Calypso singers took part in the World Peace Choral Festival in Vienna together with the Chornetto choir - as the only Austrian representatives other than the Vienna Boys Choir.