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Prof.Harald Schmitt


Prof.Harald Schmitt

                                                                                          Conductor at the Cathedral of Trier

In August 2005, Harald Schmitt was appointed conductor at St. Hedwig's Cathedral. As the music director of the cathedral, he was responsible for various musical activities, including: cathedral choir, boys' choir, girls' choir, vocal class and chamber choir,etc.

In addition to the work with the adult choir in church services and concerts, his main task was to develop children and youth choir, ensuring the artistic level of church music at the cathedral in the coming years .

Harald Schmitt received his first intensive musical influence from the Limburger Domsingknaben. He studied Piano, church music and singing in Frankfurt.

His teachers included Christoph Biller, Mathias Breitschaft and Winfried Toll (for choral conducting), Martin Lücker (for organ), Heinz Werner Zimmermann (for composition) and Godehard Joppich (for Gregorian chant).

 During his studies he worked as an assistant at the Mainz Cathedral and then he was invited as choral director in Mainz Cathedral and founder of the girls choir there.

Later he was invited to be in charge of the historic Saint Martin Choir in Bad Ems. He also served as the artistic director of the International Pipe Organ Festival in Rhineland-Palatinate.

In 2002, he was invited  at the Cathedral of Trier, where he found a children’s choir and a youth choir.

As a conductor, Mr. Schmidt also held a large number of concerts. In addition, he also performed on the international stage as a solo tenor.